Starter Multicolored Logo Windbreaker red/blue/yellow - L

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Don't compromise – neither in design nor in functionality. Instead, place your bets on this modern windbreaker in a casual three-color block design. The colors alone bring considerable potential for attention. In addition, you will benefit from its coherent Starter branding and its smart functionality. Look forward to a cozy hood with a practical zipper on the lapel, a sporty facing over the chest and practical, elastic cuffs for a comfy fit. A Starter lettering sits unobtrusively on the left chest and is completed by its logo counterpart on the side of the hem. This equipped you can stand assured. No matter what the day will bring, you will be well dressed. Farba: red/blue/yellow Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Polyester, Polyester Mesh , 60 GSMOberstoff 2: 100% Polyester, 228T, Oberstoff 3: 100% Polyester, Polyester Velvet 228T,